Oriental Bird Images

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Oriental Cuckoo Cuculus saturatus   - Adult
Oriental Cuckoo
Photographer : © Michelle and Peter Wong
Location :On Po Chun, Hong Kong
Date : 5 September 2004
English synonyms:Sunda Cuckoo (lepidus), Indonesian Cuckoo (lepidus), Himalayan Cuckoo (saturatus), Saturated Cuckoo (saturatus), Blyth's Cuckoo (saturatus), Kinabalu Cuckoo (insulindae), Horsfield's Cuckoo (optatus)
Bird Family :Cuculidae - Old World Cuckoos, Koels & Malkohas
Red Data Status :Least Concern
Remarks :
Taxonomic Notes :The forms saturatus, optatus and lepidus are frequently split. However, since different authorities currently split them in different ways, they are here retained in one grouping pending some definitive agreement.
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