Oriental Bird Images

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Barred Buttonquail Turnix suscitator taigoor   - Pair
Barred Buttonquail
Photographer : © Viral Patel and Pankaj Maheria
Location :outskirts of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Date : 3 September 2016
English synonyms:Barred Button Quail, Common Bustardquail, Common Bustard-Quail, Barred Bustardquail, Bustardquail, Bustard-Quail, Ceylon Bustardquail, Dusky Buttonquail (powelli), Dusky Button Quail (powelli), Bustard Quail, Lesser Sunda Buttonquail (powelli), Sunda Buttonquail (powelli), Common Buttonquail
Bird Family :Turnicidae - Buttonquails
Red Data Status :Least Concern
Remarks :Male on the left; female on the right.