Oriental Bird Images

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Indian Robin Saxicoloides fulicatus cambaiensis   - Female carrying nesting material
Indian Robin
Photographer : © Viral Patel and Pankaj Maheria
Location :GMERS Medical College Campus, Dharpur, Patan, Gujarat, India
Date : 27 April 2016
English synonyms:Black-backed Robin, Brown-backed Indian Chat, Brown-backed Indian Robin, Indian Chat, Black Robin, Ceylon Black Robin, Indian Black Robin
Bird Family :Saxicolini - Robins, Nightingales, Chats, Shamas, Redstarts, Grandala, Forktails, Cochoas & Wheatears
Red Data Status :Least Concern
Remarks :Robin is a familiar bird, hanging around us boldly while collect nesting material such as small dried sticks and small feathers of rock pigeon from surrounds. Sometime behaves curious and come real close when we are pretending to busy at our own task. At one occasion we observed that female bring nesting material and passed it to male which is spending comparatively more time on building nest. We can observe male moving inside the nest to arrange nesting material through a small hole. Once we observe them to drive away Large Grey Babbler. On other occasion a pair of house sparrow stealing their nesting material. On 29th April 2016, they stopped carrying nesting material. So we guess they completed nest. But they kept themselves nearby. On 2nd May 2016 female started to set inside the nest most probably hatching the eggs. Only the female is observed to incubate but the male stayed around chirping all the time. We didn’t know how many eggs into the clutch. We never checked. Because We know very well although Indian Robin displays boldness and curiosity but at the first hint of danger it shy away and ready to desert nest if attention is paid to it. VP&PM