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Asian Paradise-flycatcher Terpsiphone paradisi   - Male
Asian Paradise-flycatcher
Photographer : © Viral Patel and Pankaj Maheria
Location :Jessore Sloth Bear Sanctuary, Banaskantha, Gujarat, India
Date : 20 December 2015
English synonyms:Asiatic Paradise-flycatcher, Common Paradise-flycatcher, Paradise-flycatcher, Indian Paradise-flycatcher (paradisi, ceylonensis, leucogaster), Ceylon Paradise-flycatcher (ceylonensis), Blyth's Paradise-flycatcher (affinis), Blyth's Paradise Flycatcher (affinis), Nusa Tenggara Paradise-flycatcher (floris, sumbaensis), Tenggara Paradise Flycatcher (floris, sumbaensis), Oriental Paradise-flycatcher (affinis, saturatior, nicobarica, burmae, indochinensis, procera, insularis, borneensis)
Bird Family :Monarchidae - Monarchs, Paradise-flycatchers & Magpie-lark
Red Data Status :Least Concern
Remarks :First time we saw Indian Paradise Flycatcher at Bhuj, after that we saw it many times. But never saw its hunting. In Jessor we got this amazing chance. We were walking on the edge of forest beside dried stream of river. Suddenly we found white morph male Indian Paradise Flycatcher practically catch its prey while flying. During our two hour observation Indian Paradise Flycatcher captured seven butterflies in mid-air successfully. There were six to eight type of butterflies and honey bees flying around that place. But to our intent surprise Indian Paradise Flycatcher only prefer yellow coloured butterfly like Catopsilia Pomona and Eurema laeta as its prey. After every catch Indian Paradise Flycatcher returned to understory of densely canopied tree, discard some wings hastily by repeatedly hitting the prey on perch, after cleaning finally toss the prey and eat. There is no sight more startling than a white male Indian Paradise Flycatcher swooping from branch to branch, it's incredibly long tail feathers streaming behind, in pursuit of prey. You can see that video in following link. https://youtu.be/Y5Jibbe9jTI . VP & PM