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Small Buttonquail/Common Buttonquail Turnix sylvaticus dussumier   - Male
Small Buttonquail/Common Buttonquail
Photographer : © Padmanav Kundu
Location :Kheda Jhanjrola Village, outskirts of Sultanpur, Gurgaon District, Haryana, India
Date : 22 July 2018
English synonyms:Buttonquail, Small Button Quail, Little Buttonquail, Little Button Quail, Little Bustardquail, Striped Buttonquail, Striped Button Quail, Common Button Quail, Kurrichane Buttonquail (lepurana), Kurrichane Button Quail (lepurana), Andalusian Hemipode, Andalucian Hemipode
Bird Family :Turnicidae - Buttonquails
Red Data Status :Least Concern
Remarks :The area is open grassland with a lot of short shrubs and after the rains the green grasses seemed to be a good hiding places for these small birds. A pair was seen foraging in the green grasses. - PK
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