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Pink-rumped Rosefinch Carpodacus waltoni eos   - Female
Pink-rumped Rosefinch
Photographer : © Mohit Kumar Ghatak
Location :Pengbuxi, Sichuan, China
Date : 23 March 2018
English synonyms:Stresemann's Rosefinch
Bird Family :Carduelinae - Finches, Siskins, Serins, Redpolls, Crossbills & Grosbeaks
Red Data Status :Least Concern
Remarks :
Taxonomic Notes :Species endemic to China.
waltoni in southern and eastern Xizang
eos from eastern Xizang, west-central and north-central China, northern Yunnan and western Sichuan to southern Qinghai.

C. waltoni transferred from C. pulcherrimus and waltoni has precedence over eos.
Tietze, D. T., Päckert, M., Martens, J., Lehmann, H. & Sun, Y.-H. (2013) Complete phylogeny and historical biogeography of true rosefinches (Aves: Carpodacus). Zool. J. Linn. Soc. 169: 215-234.

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