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Yellow-bellied Bulbul Alophoixus phaeocephalus diardi   - Adult
Yellow-bellied Bulbul
Photographer : © Amar-Singh HSS
Location :Kubah National Park, Sarawak, Borneo, Malaysia
Date : 12 September 2017
English synonyms:Yellow-bellied Bearded Bulbul, Crestless White-throated Bulbul, Crestless Bulbul, White-throated Bulbul, Grey-capped Bulbul, Gray-capped Bulbul, Grey-headed Bearded Bulbul, Gray-headed Bearded Bulbul, Grey-headed Bulbul, Gray-headed Bulbul, Malayan Yellow-bellied Bulbul (phaeocephalus), Kalimantan Yellow-bellied Bulbul (sulphuratus, diardi), Sabah Yellow-bellied Bulbul (connectens)
Bird Family :Pycnonotidae - Asian Bulbuls, Finchbills & Malia
Red Data Status :Least Concern
Remarks :A deeper forest bulbul, often alone; here seen feeding and singing. The subspecies A. p. diardi has a clear/noticeable yellow tip to the tail. Although described as having no crest, Davison (1999) describes is as “absence of a crest is diagnostic”, this is not that precise. They have the ability to raise crest feathers, and often do so.
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