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Javan Banded Pitta Pitta guajana   - Male
Javan Banded Pitta
Photographer : © Koji Tagi
Location :Tretes, East Java Province, Java, Indonesia
Date : 27 January 2017
English synonyms:Banded Pitta, Blue-tailed Pitta, Blue Tailed Pitta, Van den Bock's Pitta, Van den Bosch's Pitta
Bird Family :Pittidae - Pittas
Red Data Status :Least Concern
Remarks :
Taxonomic Notes :Monotypic species endemic to Java and Bali in Indonesia.

Pitta (guajana) irena and Pitta (guajana) schwaneri have been given separate full species status as Malayan Banded Pitta Pitta irena (including ripleyi) and Bornean Banded Pitta Pitta schwaneri.
The form P. (g) affinis is considered indistinguishable from and therefore merged in P. guajana.
The form P. (g.) bangkae is considered to be based on a mislabelled specimen from Java and therefore discounted.
Ref.: Rheindt, F. E. and Eaton, J. A. 2010. Biological species limits in the Banded Pitta Pitta guajana. Forktail 26: 86-91.

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