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White-naped Crane Grus vipio   - Immature
White-naped Crane
Photographer : © Dora Zarzavatsaki
Location :Arasaki, Kagoshima, Kyushu, Japan
Date : 20 January 2015
English synonyms:Japanese White-necked Crane, Japanese White-naped Crane, White-necked Crane
Bird Family :Gruidae - Typical Cranes
Red Data Status :Vulnerable
Remarks :The area of Arasaki is a key wintering ground for these stunning birds. They pass the winter together with thousands of Hooded Cranes Grus monacha and a few Common Cranes Grus grus and Sandhill Cranes Grus canadensis. Their fabulous sounds fill the crisp morning air. As much as half of the total world population of White-naped Cranes (estimated at around 5,000 individuals) winters in this area. This is an important increase from fewer than 100 birds wintering in Arasaki in the 50s. Still, the species remains vulnerable. - DZ
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