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Black-rumped Waxbill Estrilda troglodytes   - Adult male
Black-rumped Waxbill
Photographer : © Mohit Kumar Ghatak
Location :Pulau Punggol barat, Singapore
Date : 23 July 2016
English synonyms:Black rumped Waxbill, Gray Waxbill, Grey Waxbill, Red-eared Waxbill, Yellow-browed Waxbill
Bird Family :Estrildidae - Estrildine Finches - Avadavats, Parrotfinches, Silverbill, Munias, Waxbills
Red Data Status :Least Concern
Remarks :This is an introduced species in Singapore
Taxonomic Notes :Feral in Japan.
Ref: Ornithological Society of Japan, (2000) Checklist of Japanese Birds, 6th edition. Ornithological Society of Japan, Obihiro, 345 p.
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