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Grey-sided Flowerpecker Dicaeum celebicum celebicum   - Adult male
Grey-sided Flowerpecker
Photographer : © Nikolay Loginov
Location :Temboan Hill, northern Sulawesi, Indonesia
Date : 18 October 2016
English synonyms:Gray-sided Flowerpecker, Black-sided Flowerpecker, Talaud Flowerpecker (talautense)
Bird Family :Dicaeidae - Flowerpeckers & Mistletoebird
Red Data Status :Least Concern
Remarks :
Taxonomic Notes :Species endemic to Sulawesi and nearby islands in Indonesia.

Note that the form kuehni is now treated as a separate species - Wakatobi Flowerpecker Dicaeum kuehni - following:
Kelly, S.B.A., Kelly, D.J., Cooper, N., Bahrun, A., Analuddin, K., et al. (2014) Molecular and Phenotypic Data Support the Recognition of the Wakatobi Flowerpecker Dicaeum kuehni from the Unique and Understudied Sulawesi Region. PLoS ONE 9(6): e98694. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0098694

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