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Saker Falcon Falco cherrug milvipes   - Nest site
Saker Falcon
Photographer : © Ritvik Singh
Location :Tso Kar, Ladakh, India
Date : 1 June 2017
English synonyms:Altai Falcon (altaicus), Saker
Bird Family :Falconidae - Falcons, Falconets & Kestrels
Red Data Status :Endangered
Remarks :On the previous day we were passing a hill when I saw a falcon landing on the top nearly 300 metres away. When it sat, it could not be even distinguished from the rocks. We were quite dissatisfied with the shots but we were unable to do anything. Next day we found the same individual there but we were at a different angle. Then another came and sat between the rocks whose average quality photos were taken. But we then could sight a nest just below them where I could barely see a chick sitting. We were quite happy to see the whole family. - RS
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