Oriental Bird Images

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Javan Cochoa Cochoa azurea   - Adult male
Javan Cochoa
Photographer : © Tim Carney
Location :San Diego Zoo, USA
Date : 5 April 2004
English synonyms:Black-and-blue Cochoa, Blue Cochoa, Indonesian Cochoa, Malaysian Cochoa, Sunda Cochoa
Bird Family :Saxicolini - Robins, Nightingales, Chats, Shamas, Redstarts, Grandala, Forktails, Cochoas & Wheatears
Red Data Status :Vulnerable
Remarks :Captive bird in the spacious Owens RainForest Aviary where they have bred successfully. San Diego is one of only two zoos in the USA that keep this species. They have had them for a few years now. - TC