Oriental Bird Images

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Long-billed Plover Charadrius placidus   - Broken wing distraction display
Long-billed Plover
Photographer : © Arka Sarkar
Location :Sangti Valley, near Dirang, western Arunachal Pradesh, India
Date : 4 May 2016
English synonyms:Long-billed Ringed Plover, Long-billed Ring Plover
Bird Family :Charadriinae - Plovers, Dotterels & Lapwings
Red Data Status :Least Concern
Remarks :We were at Sangti Valley mainly with the intent of seeing Long-billed Plovers. This is one of the few locations in India where this bird is seen with some degree of certainty. Upon reaching there we found a couple of birds in the fields along the bank of the river and not on the riverbed, where they are usually seen. More surprisingly, it seemed that they were being chased by a couple of stray dogs. After a while it became clear that they were trying to distract the dogs by running around them and then running away when the dogs gave a chase, occasionally pausing for broken wing displays. This picture shows one of those moments. This is typical of a ground nesting bird trying to protect nests / chicks.

As an aside, somehow all my birding trips this year coincided with events of such disturbance caused by feral dogs everywhere I go. I started the year in the Phobjikha Valley, central Bhutan where the dogs seemed to be a significant cause of disturbance for more than 300 Black-necked Cranes that winter there every year. In March I was watching Bengal Floricans at Koklabari on the edge of Manas National Park, Assam another place where feral dogs are a threat to the critically endangered birds breeding there. In early May, in Mandala, Western Arunachal, my efforts of seeing a Temminck's Tragopan was thwarted by a dog who rushed down a slope from where a bird was calling. And then this. - AS