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?Oriental Scops Owl Otus sunia  
?Oriental Scops Owl
Photographer : © Jainy Kuriakose
Location :Kamorta, Central Nicobars, Nicobar Islands, India
Date : 22 February 2016
English synonyms:Oriental Scops-Owl, Little Scops Owl, Little Scops-Owl, Eastern Scops Owl, Eastern Scops-Owl, Indian Scops-Owl, Indian Scops Owl, Asian Scops Owl, Asian Scops-Owl, Indian Scops Owl, Indian Scops-Owl, East Asian Screech Owl, East Asian Screech-Owl, Chinese Scops Owl (japonicus), Chinese Scops-Owl (japonicus), Walden's Scops Owl (modestus), Walden's Scops-owl (modestus)
Bird Family :Strigidae - Typical Owls
Red Data Status :Least Concern
Remarks :This owl was fairly commonly seen on Kamorta. It matches the description and illustration of the nicobarica race of Oriental Scops Owl, e.g. in the field guide by Grimmettt, Inskipp & Inskipp. However, the call was very different to that of Oriental Scops Owl, and it did not respond to the call of the Andaman race of that species. It did, however, respond to the call of Nicobar Scops Owl Otus alius, but the call was very different. Many owls on both the islands had the same call. I have recorded more calls from different owls - all are the same. See recording at
Kamorta Owl calls

I did not see any Nicobar Scops Owls on Kamorta or Katchall. Apart from this rufous coloured owl, we only saw Brown Boobooks Ninox scutulata. On Kamorta this owl was seen from February 22nd through February 26th and on Katchall Island from February 27th through February 29th.

Further research is needed. - JK