Oriental Bird Images

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Great Nicobar Crake Rallina sp.  
Great Nicobar Crake
Photographer : © Jainy Kuriakose
Location :near Galathea, Great Nicobar, Nicobar Islands, India
Date : 25 April 2015
English synonyms:
Bird Family :Rallidae - Rails, Crakes, Bush Hens, Watercock, Gallinules, Swamphens, Moorhens & Coots
Red Data Status :Unspecified
Remarks :We chanced upon this less known species roosting on a lower branch of a small tree during a night bird watching session near Galathea, while we were looking for any possible night species. The habitat of the bird seemed to be similar to that of the Andaman Crake. We found the bird in the same area where we sighted a pair of Nicobar Megapodes earlier in the day. The approximate size of the Crake may be around 27-30 cm (smaller than the Andaman Crake). - JK