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 Savithri Singh
Savithri Singh
 I started off as a botanist, getting my Ph.D. in the area of crop physiology (1984). Over time my interests have diversified - School education, Science Education, Open Educational resources, Free software, Environment, Womens' empowerment, Sensitization to the differently abled, Equity in society - all engage me. I am passionate about access to education and now represent Creative Commons in India. I also believe in providing wider exposure to students and staff to research, entrepreneurial and other 'beyond the classroom' activities. I believe such exposure is necessary for skill development, and to built a confident personality. It helps take informed decisions. I am the Head (Principal) of an undergraduate college of the University of Delhi and I am glad of the opportunities this position provides to mold the young. I started birding in end 2011 but had to sit out two winters consecutively due to fractures. Like everything I take up, I do birding with great passion. I started birding formally very late in life and am in a hurry to catch up!! :) Most weekends will find me going in search of birds - usually in and around Delhi, but sometimes to other parts of India. Everytime I travel abroad for work or holiday I do snatch a few days for birding there.
Country :India
Email :singh.savithri53@gmail.com
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Occupation :Educationist
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