Oriental Bird Images

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White-crowned Hornbill Berenicornis comatus   - Male
White-crowned Hornbill
Photographer : © Choy Wai Mun
Location :Sungai Sedim, Kedah, Malaysia.
Date : 17 August 2010
English synonyms:White-crested Hornbill, Long-crested Hornbill, Asian White-crested Hornbill, Asiatic White-crested Hornbill
Bird Family :Bucerotidae - Hornbills
Red Data Status :Near Threatened
Remarks :A male bird foraging on a fig tree. - Mun

This is the first time I've "seen" this species feed on fruits. The fruits they were feeding on are not figs (Ficus) but if not mistaken, is perhaps one of the Polyalthia spp. If you notice the red fruit has a outer peeled skin, that is not typical of figs. The leaves and trunk of the tree are also not typical of fig trees. Fig trees usually have smoother trunks and leaves are not grooved, normally. This fruit is known to be one of the favourite fruits for hornbills according to studies done on hornbills in Thailand. - Mike Chong