Oriental Bird Images

Long-tailed Grass Babbler Laticilla burnesii burnesii  
Long-tailed Grass Babbler
Photographer : © Ritvik Singh
Location :Harike Wildlife Sanctuary, Punjab, India
Date : 29 December 2017
English synonyms:Rufous-vented Prinia, Long-tailed Grass Warbler, Long-tailed Prinia, Western Longtailed Grass Warbler (burnesii), Western Long-tailed Prinia (burnesii), Assam Prinia (cinerascens), Eastern Long-tailed Prinia (cinerascens), Swamp Prinia (cinerascens)
Bird Family :Cisticolidae - Cisticolas, Prinias & Scrub Warblers
Red Data Status :Near Threatened
Remarks :On 28th evening, we were dead tired searching for it. At last we saw a pair of very sulking birds who gave just secs of having a look. On 29th afternoon, while searching for Penduline Tits, we came across a group of 5-6 birds who allowed close approach and also sang two types of song. We even saw an individual for two mins out in the open, preening. One song was normal, which has been recorded by many, while the other was of mechanical trills of 1.5-2 secs long. - RS
Taxonomic Notes :Species endemic to the Indian Subcontinent (Bangladesh, India & Pakistan). P.b.cinerascens considered a separate species under the name Swamp Prinia (Prinia cinerascens) by some authors.