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Kalij Pheasant Lophura leucomelanos lathami   - Adult female
Kalij Pheasant
Photographer : © Michelle and Peter Wong
Location :Yingjiang, Yunnan, China
Date : 27 December 2017
English synonyms:Kalij, Kaleej, Kaleej Pheasant, Horsfield's Pheasant (horsfieldii), Horsfield's Kalij (horsfieldii), Lineated Pheasant (lineata), White-crested Kalij (hamiltonii), White-crested Kaleej Pheasant (hamiltonii), Nepal Kalij (leucomelanos), Black-backed Kalij (melanotos), Black Kalij, Black-breasted Kalij (lathami), Williams's Kalij (williamsi), Oates's Kalij (oatesi), Moffit's Kalij (moffiti)
Bird Family :Phasianidae - Partridges, Chukar, Francolins, Quails, Spurfowl, Pheasants, Tragopans, Monals, Junglefowl, Arguses, Peafowl, Grouse, Ptarmigans & Capercaillies
Red Data Status :Least Concern
Remarks :
Taxonomic Notes :Note that the forms lineata and crawfurdii are here treated as subspecies of Silver Pheasant Lophura nycthemera.
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